Jari Välkkynen

Pintakilta means in english "Surface treatment guild". Our guild means much more than this wiki. One can say that this is completely new way of teaching and learning.(Or in other hand, we just put good old methods in new order.)
Our Corvette 2011-project, car which students have done by themselves at American Car Show Helsinki last easter.

How this all starts?
At the beginning I just think I take a couple of months vacancy from my own business, when the "real teacher" get his own holiday(He never come back, he has burnt himself out ....). I hadn't had any experience about teaching so i started to teach young students how i felt is best; If i can teach them how to survive in my own company.At the beginning I thought what kind of workers I would hire?

7 years earlier...
Beginning was really hard for all. The situation was not so good with tools or equipments, and we re-built almost all the working places with students. Other teachers do not like my methods, but my bosses give me "free hands" for everything. When I start, there was only 7 students left in third grade, no second grade and in first grade there was only 14 students. The other teacher was waiting for his retirement pension. I decided to fail 5 of those third grade students to study one year extra. At least they have been at school 3 years, they can do something, so I gave them white outfits and tell them that they help me as older students. That was the first step for guild-system what we have now.

Grey or White
Older students have opportunities to get white outfit when they show teacher that they are worth of it; When students get their white outfits, they are given responsibilities from the workshop area which they are in charge of. This also means they have the power to make changes in their area of control. Students promise to be a "tutor" for a younger, grey outfitted students when she/he take whites.
Marika(white) tutoring Toni(Grey). Marika Laine was last year our Student project manager. She was so good that we offer her a job from school, and she is now our Professional Instructor, who works with teachers.

Pedagogical methods
As a pedagogical models, we use project based learning, "master-journeyman-apprentice model" and "Learning from equal"-model. Surface treatment technology is very much like old professional handcrafts, one must use his hands to get job done. So, if you want to teach many students, you need to have more tutors, because many of our techniques need to teach from hand to hand. Our system is like old school guild-system; Masters(teachers) teach journeyman(white outfit), journeyman's teach to 4-5apprentices(grey outfit) This system make our student's more motivated, because their progress has become visual with outfit colours. We have seen that this method reduces teasing, because older and younger student's know each others faster and better. This system rise also professional pride, which is good basis for work.

Learning by projects
2006-2007 students get brand new BMW and ca. 30000 euros to spend for project.(this was really lucky stroke for us, the customer was a well known driving school which gave free hands for our students with their new car. Their motto was: A car from young people for young people.
Real gold on the engine... I must say that i lost my sleep for few nights with this project... The value of car was 50000 euros with taxes in Finland... There was no hints on how to remove for example engine parts from car because the model was brand new... And they give it to school for styling....
One of our student has talents with car audio and previous training at the industrial woodworking.. We use student's abilities at projects, if they have some hobby which may help with project.
The timing is everything... BMW:s Project timing was little tight, this photo has been taken in that morning when Hot Rod & Rock Show Tampere open... We made it just in time, 5 mins more and we would have been shut out from the show.

Every year our second grade students have project. It is main quest of the year, and they need to plan and do it themselves, we teachers act more like controllers and boss, less than teachers. When project is ready, students have opportunity to show their work at car exhibition. This is also goal for few months hard work, so almost everyone is volunteer to go our stand at weekend to tell what they have done. If all went well, student's get their white outfits just before exhibition.

Social media
We use Wiki as a book, Blogs as student's notebook and iPads and iPods as a pen. We get our style of teaching visible with wiki, and after starting to use wiki, I was really surprised when i realised that there was ca. 10 000 visitors at our main page after few months. Student's are far more motivated to use these medias than notebook and pen. I have thought that we just start using the same environment than our young students use daily.

Surface treatment guild Tampere
After a big movement in facebook, we received visitors from Pirko, school, Tampere. They have read what we have done here in Hämeenlinna, and they wanted to incorporate same methods at their school. Mr Hannu Waltzer, teacher from Tampere looked at our methods for few days and made a decision to start a Surface treatment guild at Tampere with his students. We started training his second grade students to act as a tutors, and two of them received their white outfits very fast after the start.
Mr Hannu Waltzer with his students at Pintakilta Tampere. Hannu is really a motivated teacher and has a similar backround than we here in Hämeenlinna.
Netta Norman,(white outfit) tutor at Tampere managing her group of students. Here the students are practicing "marble-look a like" technique, which basics are quite easy to learn, but hard to master.

Future plans
We try to get some companies as our partners and get a few more schools to co-operate with us. We have also planned to expand for other vocational educational fields, which also use or could use" master-journeyman-apprentice" model at their pedagogy. We are looking forward to get some contacts to other countries as well.
We already have ca. 15 very motivated teachers to expand our system for other vocational educational fields .(Electrical guild, Metalworks guild, Woodcraft guild, Car mechanic guild and so on.)

Kiltakoulut, guild schools-project has founded autumn 2012