Corvette Project 2011

Tavastia Further Education college, surface treatment technology department
Our students carry out a little more special project every year . This year, we get 1969 Chevrolet Corvette. Kim Söderberg's yellow Corvette Stingray will be repaired, painted and slightly modified at our school's workshop this winter.
The goal is to paint the car beautifully 60-70 turn of the century race theme. Students are planning a car appearance, and then to just do it. The school's side project has several departments, transport is provided by the logistics department, upholstery-departments students explore the possibility to do something about the car upholstery, etc.
The project aims to teach young people about the nature of project work, and if necessary, a little entrepreneurial attitude to work, because the whole project will be driven through the effort of our young stundents, teachers being more influential backing.

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Corvette pictured above.

Car transfers are carried out in various places on their own, the first car was sought from body-workshopkori, Orivesi. From Orivesi car moved into the Lahti, where were started in the engine installation. Because lack of parts availability we decided to take Corvette for a couple of weeks to our schools workshop. At Christmas holiday car was transferred back to Lahti for engine tuning and some electrical installation. All transfers were done by our logistics stundets, as part of the training.

Teacher Veijo Reimi directs the car moves


Corvette at first sight in our workshop. Note our students different colored overalls, at beginning they all have gray overalls, but the abilities and learning speed of the overalls color changes by the second year in the spring of white. Students wearing white overalls are a sign of progress in professional careers, and at the same time oblige to guide the younger students, if necessary.

Surface treatments ...

Pintakäsittelijät started to experience the scope of the project. The car has a lot to repairings fiberglass body parts (body is completely fiberglass). We decided to start priming the hood which is apparently the most challenging target. More challenging an ex post facto increase of whose edges are laminated directly without the plastic surface of the mold machine.
Second grade students were divided into three teams, who take part in the project, alternately, the first in line to remove the paint by sanding a hood, because the car's body structure of fibers can not withstand the chemical paint strippers. Erases the paint must be regarded as an adequate protective equipment, as a derivative of fiberglass dust irritates the eyes, lungs and skin. Also, dust removal must necessarily be connected to a grinder.


We noted the number of coats, sanding paint worn out from a point in "plastic" until.

Fiberglass hood protected by the paint was removed after washing with solvent. Pictured Anna and Sally wearing appropriate protective equipment.


Grinding Work begun, car engine room and the windows were protected before the work commences.


Taking parts which ar not painted, were removed, is well under way, to keep the car before painting to extract all chrome and painted parts from the hamper.


Unloading was carried out by Kimmo Nevalainen, Corvette-known guru in Finland, a man whom a special car unloading went quickly. Kimmo has also promised to "accumulate" the car after painting.

We try to run the normal work of the project is managed during the execution, although at least one student acts as a full-time teams in the Corvette people. Alan finishing school students can take during this period in vehicle refinishing new Spies Hecker paints. The goal is that every second grader would learn during the period to paint automaalaamon normal pattern of work in accordance with the small place of paintings.

The surface condition solution

We got more space this fall when our other glass moves renewed, renovated space. We decided to spice up a little hall by painting the interior walls of the hall and white. Also renewed carpaint-storings with computer-ready scales and spectrofotometers. At the same time mostly student work, both paint and the paint store, we built one more, so we can break down the industrial paints and automotive paints maalivarastoihinsa own. Especially the color lines of the reforms contributed to a lot of painting in classroom, because we are at Tavastia, who were among the first of these new technologies värilinjastot. We can be delighted, because now the premises and paints in a modern and competitive order.

Anzelika Mutton, the so-called "first grade. Accelerated students have taken the great hall airbrush work that the photo was taken at the time was still a little immature. Anzelika has completed the first of the second degree in the construction side of the painting and decided to further deepen their skills in metal surface treatments, examinations.